Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

The best harvests are grown in coir substrate

For nearly 20 years, coir substrates have been integral to successful medicinal cannabis (medical Marijuana) cultivation around the world. Today, it is well established that correctly formulated coir is the absolute best substrate for these crops.

Thousands of commercial growers worldwide, including some of the largest and most successful, choose Galuku substrates. Why? Because they know that Galuku provides reliable, properly formulated coir substrate for every crop and climate requirement. Many use the ready-to-go CocoEarth available in 50L bags.

The best way to grow in coir substrate is with the Easyfil Growing System

The Easyfil Growing System reduces labor cost by combining the growing media and planter bag into a single product. This provides for multiple crop cycles, and eliminates the need to replace the growing media after every crop. Better hygiene is achieved with this self-contained system, as it reduces the risk of contaminants to the media. Also, it allows for a more accurate control of moisture content during critical crop phases.

Easyfil Growing System Explained


CocoEarth Organic Growing Medium

Ready-to-go Uncompressed Coir Substrate

Ready for use CocoEarth ensures the perfect combination of moisture, nutrient and air allowing crops to flourish.

Even under adverse climatic conditions root health is maintained. It is essential that a complete and balanced liquid nutrient specific for your crop and growing systems is used in conjunction with CocoEarth.

For more information see CocoEarth webpage