Blackberry Cultivation

The Costa Group is able to provide quality blackberries to suppliers like Driscoll’s Australia during out-of-season periods using Galuku’s substrate and growing technology.

The Galuku Group is working closely with Costa’s agronomists to nurture the berries through the growing and harvesting process. The Galuku Group is also working on developing solutions to assist The Costa Group’s expansion of protected berry cropping and substrate growing.


Blackberry Substrates & Products

• Easyfil Growing System in 11 or 20 liter sizes, Open top, drainage, 2-5yr UV resistant
• Blackberry pot filler substrate in 20 or 30 liter compressed media blocks
• Latex Weed Mats in 30 and 40cm sizes for Easyfil and square or round pots
• Square or round PlantLogic pots in 20 or 30 liter sizes
• Drainage Pads, 30 x 30cm